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Bonterra Organic Estates (Fetzer Vineyards)

Hopland, California
Working at Fetzer Vineyards means you believe in doing what is right. In 1968, Barney Fetzer rebelled against industry conventions in grape growing and championed sustainable grape farming as we have come to know it. He followed his heart. He bucked norms. He found ways.In doing so, he created a legacy. Our legacy. That pioneering spirit is embedded in all that we do whether it is earth friendly farming, creating quality wines, or sustaining our values.

Today, our portfolioof brands includes Fetzer, Bonterra, Crimson & Quartz, Jekel, Sanctuary,Five Rivers, Little Black Dress, Bel Arbor, Pacific Bay, and more. For over 40 years, we've been pioneers in sustainability,continuing our legacy of hard work, rebellious thinking, and wines that make a difference. We have developed practices that are environmentally friendly,socially responsible, and ultimately sustainable. We strive for the perfect relationship between land, climate, and grape, so we can bring wines of remarkable quality and character to the table. Our multi-site California winery operation includes 1000 acres of farmed vineyards and 3 million cases produced annually. Operations include Mendocino County winery, production and vineyard locations; Paso Robles winery and Jekel vineyard operation in Greenfield, with a combined sales of approximately $185 Million and combined employment of 315with an additional approximately 40 seasonally.

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